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We decided to dig out our rich data collection to answer a very simple question: What would be the very best ways to eliminate weight?

By taking a look at the customs of the largest 'champions' from the UP community, people could recognize the behaviours and actions which are most common among people successfully losing weight using UP (defined as shedding a minimum of 10% of the starting body weight), in contrast to people who didn't get rid of weight within precisely the exact same timeframe. We discovered numerous variables related to achievement.


As you can see in the graph above, among the largest differences between individuals who did and didn't eliminate fat was that the range of meals logged weekly: individuals who have significant weight loss logged 75 percent more meals each week compared to people who didn't eliminate weight. This supports evidence from other studies that reveal that keeping a food diary is among the Greatest long-term approaches to help individuals Eliminate weight and maintain that weight off